Quick Generate jQuery Datatable Online | Just provide Fields Name and take your code.

Using this tool you can easy to generate jquery simple or server side datatable in C# mvc, not only c# mvc even html you can apply any another language like php, java etc. Generate jquery datatable with paging and filters Server side with advance searing feature. Tool Url. http://getcode.soninfosys.com/Code/jQueryDT/

Create a coding template | easy to create coding from the template.

Need is basically sometimes we need multiple copies to form the same file but with a different name. So using this tool we can easy to provide a Code template and add your placeholder, then provide names of files. then you can view online or even you can download your files. http://getcode.soninfosys.com/Code/TemplateReplacer/

HTTP Error 500 0 ANCM In Process Handler Load Failure .net core 2.2

HTTP Error 500.0 – ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure Common causes of this issue: The specified version of Microsoft.NetCore.App or Microsoft.AspNetCore.App was not found. The in process request handler, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.IIS, was not referenced in the application. ANCM could not find dotnet. Troubleshooting steps: Check the system event log for error messages Enable logging the application … Read more

Solid Support Chat .net mvc core with full source code

It supports chat application, its build-in .net core with SQL server. you can purchase or download from the below URL. Live demo: http://chat.soninfosys.com/Support Username= SuperAdminPassword= singh Client side view http://chat.soninfosys.com/clientside.html https://codecanyon.net/item/solid-support-chat-net-mvc-core-with-full-source-code-client-and-admin/29486045