School Management Software (Seeker Gateway) Open Source Full ERP MVC 5 Video Demo

Here you can watch video demo of school management software, this software is build on mvc 5, with sql server, it having code first technology, C#. After watch demo demo you can download software from given link. Download code from below link.

MLM – Multilevel Marketing Software .net MVC 5 With Source Code Video demo V4

Watch video demo. For Commercial Use Purchase What’s App Us. DemoFront End Website: adminPassword: admin Download code from here.

How to create new project in Angular and run

Hi all if you are new in angular development, I will assist you how to develop new web application. Follow these steps. First Node.js should be install in your system. Install Visual Studio Code editor. Then open that directory where you would like to create new project. Open same directory in cmd. then run these … Read more

What is MVC | MVC design pattern

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It is a software design pattern, MVC pattern forces a separation of concerns, it means domain model and controller logic are decoupledfrom user interface. Maintenance and testing of the application is simple or much faster. MVC design pattern MVC design pattern splits an application into three parts Model, View and ControllerModel … Read more

.net core API C# crud generator | generate full API project with nlayer architecture

Role: using this application you can easy to generate crud application as per your table structure, Just you need to create your tables then one click to generate and download your solution project , open in visual studio and do your further development and save your value able time.

Generate ASP.NET MVC Core C# Generic Repository Pattern | Code Generator C# mvc

Problem: When we create a w project then we need to create a repo, models, services, UI projects from scratch. So we waste our valuable time. We develop something like this we can easy to generate our project solution just providing a Project name. you can develop your project by using this tool.