All Countries States or Provinces database SQL server Data query for creating Country table and State table.

All Countries States or Provinces database SQL server Data query for creating the Country table and State table. Country Table Schema Country Table Data State or Province Table Schema State or Province Table Data

Resolve SQL Server Identity Jumping 1000 Issue, resolve with DENTITY_CACHE

In SQL Server time we faced an issue with the Identity field, It directly jumps with 1000 numbers. So in this article, we resolve this issue. What to do suppose your last entry put with Jumped value. Copy your last row data somewhere in notepad Remove last row The above code will reset your seed … Read more

Resolved: Entity Framework .net 5 core rename to table column | alter rename column in .net core EF.

The issue was supposed we have one User table and it has some columns like Id, FirstName, Surname, PhoneNumber, or Email. There we wanted to Rename Surname to LastName. The problem occurs when we will run migration after the above Change. It will not make rename or alter to the column, It will Drop to … Read more

SQL Server table reset seed | RESEED | reseed table data

Some time table identity value comes wrong sake of we delete manual entries, we added wrong data in edit mode or it takes next value of identity or some time automatically comes. So in this case many developer are delete data or re-design to table structure (schema). No need to do this you just clear … Read more

Where clause on json data in SQL Server | JSON_VALUE

A very rare example of this. But I find out suppose you have a list of key values, or you want to search value corresponding of the key, you will pass key and get the value of that from JSON list. Using the below example you can easy to achieve this. I have this json … Read more