CRUD Operation with Azure.Data.Tables With Generic base class

If you wanted to store data on Azure data table storage then you need to write general code in your system for preventing rewriting a code. So I created one generic class you can use this and easy to achieve Robert Program. Install Azure.Data.Tables from the NuGet package. Create your Generic Class 2. Then Create … Read more

How to Improve Entity Framework Performance

As you know by default Entity framework is not giving Performance, Always we need to tune up as per our requirements. But there are a lot of things which must we need to keep in mind when we use EF. Disable change tracking for the entity if not needed: whenever you retrieve the data only … Read more

.net core or MVC using entity framework execute Raw SQL Queries, select, insert, update and delete.

Execute Raw SQL Queries in Entity Framework. In we know we directly apply queries in C# code, so in entity framework mostly we all are use LINQ or lambda expression queries, but still, sometimes we need to add custom SQL Queries. use using the below code you can achieve that. Eg: our table name … Read more

How to use Lamar in ASP. Net core web application or Web API

In this article, we will learn How to use Lamar in ASP. Net core web application or Web API. Why we use Lamar to implement dependency injection: There are lots of dependency injection containers in the .Net technology. The biggest disadvantage is the performance problem. The Lamar in this article is very lightweight and provides … Read more